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Title: Something For A Rainy Day
Author: Me - Liesel
Pairing: Ricky/Nick
Rating: 15? Perhaps lower.
Warnings: Slash, Scenes of A Sexual Nature,
Summary: Nick and Ricky are out in Washington DC; only the English weather has followed them. What can they do to brighten up the day?
(Based loosely on a blog by the Kaisers a while back.)
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Kaiser Chiefs or the IMAX cinemas.

(fingers crossed for the cut to work)

It was raining, clouds blotting out the sun. Nick Hodgson looked up, squinting his eyes against the splashes of rain.
‘So much for the weather, it was nicer in England.’ He muttered, scuffing his shoes along the soaking pavement.
‘Oh, come on Nick, cheer up! We’re in Washington DC!’ Ricky grabbed his arm and spun him around. Nick was forced to smile.
‘You’re like something out of a bad musical.’
‘Ahhh, you just need something to cheer you up…’ Ricky grinned mischievously, Nick felt his stomach flip.
‘Well…I have one idea…’ Nick snaked his arm around Ricky’s waist. Ricky laughed and punched Nick’s arm.
‘No, not that…well, not right now anyway.’ Nick shrugged, raising his eyebrows.
‘Look, there’s an IMAX cinema just down the road, lets go and see Sharks 3D.’ Ricky’s eye flashed with enthusiasm, Nick nodded.
‘Alright. Sounds like a plan.’
‘What do you mean it’s sold out?’ Not for the first time since being in America Ricky was tempted to try the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ line. A withering look from Nick stopped the words just as he opened his mouth.
‘I’m afraid I mean we have no tickets left sir. But there is another showing tomorrow at 3pm.’ Ricky scowled, folding his arms and glaring at his shoes. Nick rolled his eyes and stepped forwards.
‘Is there no way you can get us in? We’ll stand.’ He lowered his voice. ‘We can pay extra…’ The woman bit her lip, frowning.
‘I’m sorry sir, we are totally sold out. I can’t accept extra payment. Have a nice day.’
Nick turned away, shoulders slumped. He looked out at the grey sky and heavy rain. Ricky was kicking the ground, scuffing his trainers.
‘Come on Ricky, we can find something else to do… keep us occupied…’ He sidled up to Ricky, stroking his cheek. Ricky looked up, the familiar smile returning to his lips.
‘Come on lets gets back to the hotel, we don’t want to make the headlines.’ Nick pulled on his arm.
‘Don’t we?’ Ricky laughed and ran after Nick, diving for a taxi.
‘Oh shit.’
‘What? What’s wrong?’ Ricky was practically dancing from foot to foot, biting his lip.
‘Erm, my key’s gone…’
‘Oh come on Nick! I really need the loo!’ Nick fumbled in his pockets, digging right to the bottom.
‘It’s gone.’ His eyes flickered around the hall.
‘Nick…’ Ricky moaned, tugging at his sleeve.
‘Come on we’ll borrow Simon’s room, I’ve still got his key…’ Nick grinned, his voice laced with suggestion.
‘Nick, we can’t do that…what if…what if…’ Ricky stumbled over his words.
‘Do you want the loo or not?’ Ricky saw his point, shrugged, and ran after him down the hallway.
‘Ahhh, that’s better…’ Ricky sighed from the bathroom; Nick laughed and pulled the curtains closed.
Ricky appeared from the bathroom, fastening his trousers and adjusting his belt.
‘You can leave that undone…’ Nick whispered creeping up behind him, Ricky jumped, laughing as he realised it was Nick.
‘Hmmm, I’ve waited almost a week for this…’ Nick breathed, beginning to undress.
‘Not a week, we… we did it the day before yesterday…’ Ricky’s voice hitched as Nick slipped a cold hand up his shirt, finger tips running lightly over the pale skin.
‘Did we?’ He paused, thinking.
‘Yeah…Ahhh, in that cupboard… with the broom handle…’ The both laughed, remembering.
‘Ahh how could I forget?’ Nick kissed him, rubbing his back in circles. Ricky sighed.
‘So Nick, give or take?’
Nick paused, licking his lips. ‘Whatever. You. Want.’ He kissed Ricky’s neck in between his words. Ricky grinned, kicking off his jeans and sunk to his knees.
‘You first.’ He mouthed, slipping his fingers under the waistband of Nick’s boxers.
‘Wha…Ni…Ricky…? Simon stood in the doorway, a girl attached to his arm.
The two men froze, bodies entwined on the bed.
‘Simon! Er sorry…we, I lost my key…’ Nick stammered.
‘Oh, could you…’ The girl was biting her lip trying not laugh, or be sick, Nick couldn’t quite tell.
He jumped up, covering himself with a sheet, Ricky blushed and pulled on his boxers, dressing quickly, his cheeks burning.
‘Sorry mate.’ Nick smiled sheepishly as he made his way into the corridor. Simon nodded; he fumbled in his pocket a moment and pulled out Nick’s key.
‘Found it in the hall.’
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