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Title: Here With You
Author: Me – Liesel
Pairing: Ricky/Nick, mention of Ricky/OC
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild Slash, Mild Angst.
Summary: Nick misreads a delicate situation leading to revelations all round.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own the Kaiser Chiefs and therefore this is purely a work of my over active imagination.

Okay, perhaps I didn’t handle the situation all that well. Perhaps, just maybe, the git has a point. Technically it wasn’t my fault…well I’m not entirely to blame. He… he was looking at me… that sounds stupid. I know. What I mean is he was giving me THE look. You know the one where they stare right into your eyes and then look down, staring at your lips like they’re the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. Well, I presumed, as most would, that he was going to kiss me. I made his job easier and leaned into it, encouraging him. Our lips brushed and he leapt backwards like I’d scalded him, I didn’t understand, he was looking at me with such disgust I thought he might throw up. He did. All over my carpet, I still can’t decided weather I was angry because he’s looked so hurt or because I had to spend three hours trying to rid the carpet of vomit.
It all became a bit of a blur after that point, I tried to help him but he shook me off and stormed out in just his socks. And of course I just stared after him, watching him until he disappeared around the corner, hobbling slightly because the gravel was hurting his feet. I woke up on the couch, fully dressed and with a splitting headache, I guess I must have got pissed and crashed out.
He didn’t call for a long time after that night, I sat by the phone for days, jumping when it rang. Although, on those few occasions, it was only a telesales person or recorded message, and once, my mum, asking if I was going to dad’s barbeque that night. I said I was ill, the flu. She offered to come and visit but I wriggled out of it and put the phone down feeling horrible. I’d never lied to my parents, especially not because of another man.
Eventually, after two weeks of avoiding me like the plague he turned up on my doorsteps, holding a huge suitcase and dripping in the rain.
‘What…why are you here?’ Even now, thinking back it sounded rather blunt and rude of me.
‘I…I wondered if I could crash here for a few nights. Carla’s in a mood…chucked me out.’ I shrugged and walked back to the living room, not really caring if he followed me in or not.
‘What did you do now?’ I thought it best to steer clear of conversation involving me trying to kiss him.
‘I…I told her I’d met someone else.’ I jumped up in shock. He’s been with Carla for years, they were meant to be.
‘You did what? You stupid bastard! Who is it? Do I know them?’ I glared at the pathetic man slumped in my chair, he shrugged.
‘Of course you do.’
‘You know who it is…you know it’s you.’
He looked in such pain as he admitted it that it nearly broke my heart. I didn’t quite know what to do…so I just sat next to him and brushed his knee with my hand. Before I knew what he was doing, he had snuggled into my body, crying like a little kid.
‘Hey, Ricky…’ I smoothed his hair over his forehead; he sniffled and tightened his grip on me. ‘Ricky, it’s okay… let go so we can talk, I’m not going anywhere. I’m here, with you.’

Author's note: Short and sweet, something to keep us going. Hope you enjoy and comments always welcome.

P.S watch out for the sequel to Something For A Rainy Day. What will the boys get up to next?
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