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Welcome to the Kaiser Chiefs Fan Fic Community!


Hello and welcome to the Kaiser Chiefs Fan Fiction LiveJournal Community! The number one place for all your Kaiser Chiefs Fiction needs!
For those of you who don't know what fan fiction is I'll explain it to you. They are stories written about certain celebrities (Often they involve scenes of a sexual nature) by fans.
Remember that this is all fiction and none of it ever really happened, that's why it's called fiction.

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Please note that all of the stories on this community are fiction and never really happened. This community is not affiliated with the Kaiser Chiefs or anyone else mentioned in the fiction.


* Do not take any fan fiction from this community without asking the author first.

* You may only post fiction that involves at least one member of the Kaiser Chiefs. Crossover fiction is acceptable.

* Please set all fictions you post as 'friends only' or I'll have to delete them.

* Please post all fictions behind a 'LJ cut'. (To find out more information about LJ-Cut's please go HERE)

* Please post the following before your fiction...

Title: Give a title to your fiction

Author: Put your LJ/Pen name here. If it's by someone else, then put theirs

Disclaimer: Let people know that the story is fictional

Pairing: Who's involved in the fiction

Rating: Give your fiction a rating

Summary: Just us a general idea of what the fic is about

Authors Note:Any additional notes


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